Compact Edge Clamps MiteeBite (WDS 590)

Compact Edge Clamps MiteeBite (WDS 590)
Compact Edge Clamps MiteeBite (WDS 590)

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Compact Edge Clamps MiteeBite (WDS 590) (Available) $48.34 - $122.87 Each

WDS 590

Type - Edge Clamps

This cam action fixture clamp provides positive down force while using very little space on a fixture. Work pieces can be clamped in series by using the back surface of a clamp to locate the next work piece. The hardened steel clamping element has both a smooth surface for machined work pieces and a serrated clamping surface for rougher work. The height of the clamp can be adjusted by milling the slot deeper in the fixture plate.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select A B C D E F G Cam Screw Total Distance of Movement Mounting Screws (included) Weight
590-54110 Select 43.2 19.0 12.7 25.4 2.3 19.0 6.4 M10 1.6 M8 80 grams
590-54112 Select 54.0 25.4 11.4 33.5 2.8 25.4 9.7 M12 2.0 M10 120 grams
590-54116 Select 75.0 38.1 25.2 50.8 3.3 38.1 12.7 M16 2.5 M12 550 grams

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