Riser Rails MiteeBite (WDS 590)

Riser Rails MiteeBite (WDS 590)
Riser Rails MiteeBite (WDS 590)

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Riser Rails MiteeBite (WDS 590) (Available) $59.76 - $179.77 Each

WDS 590

Type - Edge Clamps

The WDS MITEE-BITE Riser Clamp Kit is a low profile adjustable system, somewhat like a vise, designed to be used directly in the T-slots of
most knee mills or on our Aluminum T-slotted sub plates. The locating rail is indicated to the table and the clamps are moved along the T-slots of the machine table to accept different size work pieces on both sides of the rail.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select A B C D +. 0000 -.0013 E F G H Use with clamp Base Sliding Stop for Rail End Stop for Rail Weight
590-23100 Select 127.0 31.5 31.5 11.684 18.8 63.5 24.9 50.3 590-53140 590-53220 N/a 500 grams
590-53140 Select 198.0 43.94 43.94 12.192 21.84 99.0 50.0 80.0 590-51014 590-53440 590-51034 80 grams

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